Saturdays and Sundays: 11:00am-5:00pm

Deli & Meal Kits

Augie's Montréal Smoked Brisket


4-pack of Uncle Nick's Pastrami Brisket Sausages


1lb Zack’s Zesty Coleslaw


Attie's Smoked Turkey


1 quart Augie's Smoke Turkey Chili


1lb Uncle’s Famous Pickles


Hot Meals



The Meat Plate


Max Pastrami Burger & Fries


Pastrami Sausage Sandwich & Fries


Smoke Meat Mac & Cheese


Babcha’s Matzo Ball Soup

Pint $7.50 Quart $15

Classic Smoked Turkey Cold Deli Sandwich


Turkey Club with Smoked Brisket “Bacon”


Side Salad


Le Mont-Royal


CJ's Reuben


Augie's Grilled Cheese


The Canadian Salad


Classic Brisket Pastrami Cold Deli Sandwich


Mayla’s Montreal Cheesesteak Sandwich


Smoked Brisket “Bacon” BLT


Fried Favorites

Fried Cheese Curds


Rye Bread Latkes


Classic Poutine



Full $5.50

Smoke Meat Poutine


Smoke Turkey Poutine


Vegetarian Poutine


Kid’s Menu

Kids Turkey Sandwich


Kids L’Original Sandwich


Kids Classic Poutine


Kids Smoke Meat Poutine



Boylan's Sodas


Diet Coke


Mexican Coke


Sparkling Water


Catering & Party Platters

View our Catering Menu for to enjoy the Augie’s experience at your next event, party, or office lunch? We offer pick-up or drop off catering and party platters that will be a hit with all of your guests or co-workers.