Brunch is officially served!

By alan pursell
We have items like our Brunch Poutine; red potato home fries, Augie’s Smoked Meat, cheese curds, featuring a white gravy, topped with a egg (fried, scrambled or poached, its your choice)! We have several sandwiches to choose from featuring our Metropolis Rye Bread or Barons Bagel with a fried egg and our Augie’s Smoked Meat “Bacon.”

We also have latkes topped with our brisket “Bacon” or Costarella’s Smoked Salmon and a poached egg. Of course, we even have a few delicious omelettes to choose from as well that are served with some red potato home fries. 

As for beverages we have local coffee from Jeremiah’s Pick, both Hot and Iced. As well as Orange Juice and Mimosas by the glass!

Come join us and enjoy a Canadian breakfast, eh!